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Text written by curator of photo festival Vizualizator, 

“Capturing the Inauguration of Life:”

Jos Verhoogen’s Vision in the Field of Birth Photography”

In the field of photography, there are few subjects as emotionally charged and inherently profound as birth. It is at this delicate crossroads, the beginning of life and the art of photography, that we find the groundbreaking work of Jos Verhoogen. As a pioneer in the field of birth photography, Verhoogen’s camera has captured the deeply intimate moments of childbirth. With years of experience in press photography, Jos Verhoogen photographs birth photography as an art form.

As a photo artist and reportage photographer, he embarked on an unconventional journey by dedicating his photography to the remarkable event of childbirth. His groundbreaking work challenged preconceived notions about photography and defined the genre by capturing the beauty and fragility of life’s most intimate moment. This exhibition is a tribute to the couples’ bold choice to document Verhoogen in a realm that is so often shrouded in privacy.

Through Verhoogen’s work, birth photography, a genre full of sentiment and emotion, has transcended mere documentation into a powerful form of visual storytelling. His photographs are not just images; They are stories that illustrate the complex interplay of emotions, relationships and physicality during the birthing process. Verhoogen’s ability to capture the anticipation, the pain, the joy and the relief in a single image is a testament to his artistic ability.

For many, the idea of birth photography was a taboo, something limited to family albums and intimate spaces. Verhoogen broke these barriers by bringing birth photography to the attention of the public. His images opened up dialogues about body positivity, female empowerment and the sacred beauty of birth. This exhibition explores Verhoogen’s role in transforming society’s perception of childbirth.

The work goes beyond aesthetics; It delves into the core of human fragility. His subjects, often depicted in their most unguarded moments, reveal the strength and tenderness that come together during the birthing process. This exhibition invites viewers to explore the profound emotional connection that arises when vulnerability is met with acceptance.

While Jos Verhoogen’s groundbreaking work has served as a catalyst for change in the world of birth photography, it is essential to acknowledge the wider legacy he left behind. Since then, many photographers have been inspired by his fearless approach, and birth photography has become a respected genre in the photography world. This exhibition not only honors Verhoogen’s individual contribution, but also the growing community of birth photographers who continue to push boundaries.

Jos Verhoogen’s extraordinary work in the field of birth photography redefines what is possible when art and life intersect. This exhibition is a testament to his visionary approach and the broader cultural impact of his work. By delving into the profound moments of birth, he invites viewers to reflect on the inherent beauty of human frailty, and to recognize the power of life’s beginnings as a visual narrative. Verhoogen’s journey has forever changed the landscape of birth photography, transforming it from a hidden world to a captivating art form.


2023 November December

Expo @ Belgrade Photo Festival VIZUALIZATOR

2023 November

Lecturer @ Belgrade Photo Festival Vizualizator "Capturing the Inauguration of Life”

2023 November

Judge @ the FEP QEP and MQEP sessions in Catania, Italy

2023 June

Judge @ the FEP QEP and MQEP sessions in Antwerp, Belgium


Judge of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards


Judge @ Chod' a fot' , Slovakia


Judge of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2022


Judge of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2021


3x Nominated @ International Color Awards